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saturniakitty and I got together a few nights ago and had a little fun. She's already posted her pics, now it's my turn.

saturniakitty is the only person who can really make me bleed. ...The Vodka didn't help much, either. ^_^ Anyways, the star is on my back, on my right shoulder, and everything else is on my right leg.

My star, by saturniakitty

A really nice gash. I totally felt it (which is kind of strange cause I usually don't.) She cut it very slowly. It's as deep, if not, deeper, than the one on my other leg that I love so much. (You can also see my scar (upside-down) of the Kanji "Synthesis," also done by saturniakitty).

I like the way this bled. Unfortunately, it also bled on my comforter. >_> It was clean, too! :(

I told her to do random lines and to just go nuts with it. The other, smaller gash on the left and the vertical line going through it (can't really see it at that angle) were my doing, just to prove that I meant random. :P I love the design she came up with.

After it stopped bleeding...

All cleaned up.

If you missed my other recent post (Ghetto Cam friendly!), it's here: It has more pics, but the camera I used sucks.
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